From Principal's Desk

It is indeed a privilege for me to address you from this desk. This college is the oldest in the district and one of the oldest in the state. The college has always been an asset to the locality and has served the cause of higher education even at a time when it was a matter of privilege for the selected few. When the higher education has become accessible to a large majority, this college prides itself in catering to those who otherwise would not have got access to it. Being a state government institution, our college upholds the inclusive education philosophy and believe in empowering learners. Though limited to what is now called conventional programmes, we grab every opportunity to enable the students in additional skills. This college has been one of the first institutes in the state to start and implement various additional programmes such as UGC Career-oriented Programmes and Finishing School. We do not let our limitations stifle growth. We aim at being a center for community and continuing education.

Dr. C.S.Jhala