About College

First college in Kachchh district, Shri Ramji Ravji Lalan College of Arts and Science, a co-ed college of higher education is affiliated to Krantiguru Shyamji Krishna Verma Kachchh University (Bhuj) since 2004. Earlier, it was affiliated with Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. The College, which is under the direct direction of the Education Department, Gujarat State, is an institution that provides higher education in a friendly atmosphere. The college is the first college in Kutch district to get accredited by NAAC (National Accreditation and Assessment Council).

All deserving students are admitted irrespective of caste and creed and their rights of conscience are respected. Besides, the College commits itself to serve the economically weak, socially underprivileged and needy students.

Beginning in a small one-storey building on June 20th , 1953, with an enrollment of a handful students, the college initially started in “Pragmahal”, situated in Bhuj. First the Arts courses were started and then followed by Science. The Foundation Stone Laying ceremony was organized on 15th January, 1954 by Honrable His Excellancy, Dr. Sarvpalli Radhakrishnaji, the President of India. Then the college started working in its allocated land building from 1959, having 22 rooms on the ground floor and same number of rooms on the first floor. The rich man of Mandvi, Sheth Shree Ramji Ravji Lalan gave a huge fund to establish this college in the year 1952-53.

The old college building collapsed in the devastating earthquake of 2001. The UGC funded Rs. 13 Crore for the establishment of new college building. The stone laying ceremony for the new college building was carried on the 3rd of January, 2004 by Smt. Anandiben Patel, the Education Minister of Gujarat State. Presently, over 2500 students are enrolled in this large college building standing on the beautiful campus of 26 acres of land situated in Bhuj.

Looking at the academic requirements of the people of Kachchh District, this college provides and fulfills the desire of our upcoming generation to achieve their goals through offering different and suitable subjects to them.

The college offers 15 (Fifteen) subjects under 2 programmes. From time to time, we organize remedial courses along with the regular courses. An earnest attempt has been made by this college to offer various UGC sponsored Career Oriented Programmes. This COP courses are conducted by different departments of the college. Along with the management and the dynamic principal, an efficient team of faculties contribute significantly to the fulfillment of the academic programmes

The college gets a mixture of diverse talents and abilities among its students, it is committed to the fostering of their talents and abilities and work for channelizing the students towards achieving all rounded perfection. We provide diverse choices of subjects to choose from.

The institution aims at producing enlightened leaders who have excellent potential to grow and excel in diversified fields. We have started with full force to play a leading role in providing quality education and careers. We have identified the needs for modern age students.

Hardwork with a vision and mission, accompanying transparency, accountability and accessibility keep us abreast and also ahead of our competitors. We continuously aim and work for student and parent satisfaction, without ignoring fundamental requirement of value education.

A studious team of highly qualified and skilled faculty and technical staff, efficient administrative staff under guidance of the Commissioner of Higher Education Office, Gandhinagar are open secrets behind the growth and performance of our students .

We are committed in adopting a student centric approach to provide career education rather than merely a degree oriented education. We aim at 100% placements to the eligible students and tie-ups with various industries and organizations (Career counseling and placement). Our motto is all round development of students, hence with study we also provide platform in the field of extracurricular activities in the events in sports and cultures, NCC and NSS.

We have fixed our goals which are rational and realistic and achieve them through hard work, dedication, innovation in our students and through positive attitude.