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Established in 1955,the Department of History is one of the earliest department of Shree R.R.Lalan College of Bhuj. It currently has 3 permanent faculties and  all of them are actively busy in teaching and research. The Department offers undergraduate course. History as a Core Elective, Open Elective and as an Allied Subject offered to Bachelor of Arts Students.The Major areas of focus are History of India (Ancient, Medieval, Modern), Cultural History of India , Modern History of the World and Regional History.

 Our faculty members use internet and other educational aids for updating their knowledge & teaching skills. Seminars are given by the students on different topics. Study tours, visit to museums and heritage places helps our students to improve their knowledge of the subject.


Other innovative practices are....

  • Teaching is done with Audio and Visual aids by the Faculties.

  • Choice Based Credit System has been implemented from  the Academic Year 2011.

  • Semester system and grade point system has been introduced from the Year 2011.

  • Preparation for competitive exams during the extra classes. 

  • Sports and Cultural activities are carried out at the college level.

  • Placement is regularly being done on the Campus.

  • The mode of  internal exam is  online.

  • CCTV monitoring in class rooms as well as campus.

  • Study tours organized regularly by History department.