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Department of Economics is one of the oldest departments which was established simultaneously with SHRI RAMJI RAVJI LALAN COLLEGE BHUJ in 1953. Since its inception, the Department has been offering undergraduate programme in semester system which was introduces during 2007-2008 in Economics. It attracts the largest number of students at the undergraduate levels from entire KACHCHH region. The Department focuses on quality education in theoretical and quantitative analysis in its curriculum. The main objective of the under graduate is to equip with the theories and tools of economic analysis in major areas of its application and conducting in-depth survey on KACHCHH region (micro economic analysis & survey on KACHCHH region). The department aims to enable to understand the principles, theories and applications of micro and macroeconomics, public finance, international economics, history of economic thoughts, population studies, Indian economy, economy of Gujarat, economics of growth & development, monetary economics and environmental economics. The department has full-time 3 permanent faculties and has its own library, separate classrooms for each semester.