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Geology is a basic science pertaining to the earth. It deals with the genesis of rocks, mineral and fossils and also their uses in context to the betterment of human being. The subject has numbers of sub-disciplines viz. Plate tectonics, volcanology, hydrology, seismology, paleoseismology, mineralogy, petroleum geology, geomorphology, Quaternary geology, geophysics, geochemistry, paleontology, palynology, petrology, crystallography etc.

Kachchh is considered as a paradise for any geologists, because of its vast repository of Jurassic, Cretaceous and Tertiary fossils and rocks that are well known in the world of geologist. The district is rich in various mineral deposits like lignite, china clay, bauxite and bentonite. In addition, Kachchh is geologically prone to earthquakes, so is grouped in zone-V of the seismic zoning category of India. Looking to its much geological importance the district owns a unique department where bachelor degree in geology is offered in this college since 1988.