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The department of chemistry is a unique learning centre that fosters innovative scientific ideas through an interdisciplinary approach and interactive teaching and research in frontal areas of the chemistry. The students at the chemistry undergo several levels of learning with more extensive and more in-depth exposure to virtually every aspect of chemistry: theoretical, experimental, instrumental, computational, and physicochemical understanding.

Owing to its importance, the subject remains compulsory for students at first year B.Sc. Present industrial development has increased the demand of the subject and popularized the subject among students. Since inception, the vast subject scope has been attracting maximum number of students in Chemistry at Final degree level.

The Department of Chemistry is holds highly qualified staff as well as equipped laboratories which allows student to update with maximum experimental knowledge. The competitive and updated syllabus offered and drafted by the active participation of department staff vision cutting edge content delivery and boot to students in competitive era. Not only in academics, the department also holds its activeness in research and career oriented activities like campus interviews for students.  This has enabled department to prosper and witnessed progressiveness in number of student’s inflow every year.