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Sanskrit is the oldest living language of the world. It is the finest and the most scientific language of the universe today. The ancient heritage of the mankind is preserved in this language better than any other language. The light of knowledge first spread in Bharat(India) and it illuminated the mankind for centuries. This whole knowledge is well preserved in Sanskrit language. Sanskrit is the real gem of Bharat(India) that's why it is said, "There are two honours of Bharat, Sanskrit and the culture"

Hundreds of traditional schools of Sanskrit are running to teach Sanskrit language to the new generations. parallally the study of Sanskrit has been made compulsory in almost all the universities in Bharat(India). So many new books and researches are published every year in Sanskrit. People all over the world are eager to get knowledge that is preserved in Sanskrit. In this course the oldest college in Kachchh  Shri R. R. Lalan College, Bhuj has also Sanskrit as a principal subject since long.

Establish in, the department has the approved staff of four professors. All permanent and visiting staff is well qualified. The professors are changed time to time as the college is fully run by Government of Gujarat. The tradition and past of this department is gloriuos. Most students get employed in various fields. They prove themselves successful in various competitive exams also. Many students successfully completed their Ph.D. and cleared NET/GSET also. 

The department organizes various programmes in Sanskrit to create interest among the students in Sanskrit. Geeta Jayanti celebration is the flagship programme of this department. Students of Sanskrit are taught Spoken Sanskrit by the professors or with the help of the Samskrit Bharati. Many of our allumni work as honourary Sanskrit volunteers in the society and establish themselves as persons of Sanskrit.