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Today, women in the society play a vital role in the social, economic and political development of the society. Women in different forms excel and try to achieve success with their efforts and hard work. So it becomes essential to empower women to achieve success in life. To make women empowered, the WDC provides platform to the girl students.

Women Development Cell (WDC) of the college works with the objective of creating awareness among students and staff about social and legal rights and thus empower them to stand against any discrimination. It conduct activities on gender equality, women rights and women empowerment.

Role of the WDC Committee

  • See to it that students’ problems are answered in detail.
  • Names like Lalan Shakti or Lalan girls to increase the confidence of students, to carry out various activities by establishing an organization under it.
  • To address the training requirements of the students regarding their study activities.
  • Training of hairstyles, Mehndi, beauty parlor for the students and organizing various games.

 WDC agendas 


  • Discussed on  Act and programs updating with  various clause , government resolutions etc. 
  • Also decided to organize an orientation program with the help of resource person on Act.
  • WDC  committee also decided to share various IEC material’s among college common places.
  • Also shared various cases by student in last year’s and all are completed  with paper process and satisfactory of individual ,
  • Committee also discuss on last year organized Awareness camping on this Act with successful positive responses by students and staff.