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Department of Biology runs two courses upto degree level under its umbrella, BOTANY & ZOOLOGY.  As earlier during the establishment, both the courses were treated under same paper(subject) Biology which after the implementation of CBCS system separated under BOTANY and ZOOLOGY. 

The department visions to make the students focused and competitive with the help of upgraded and facilitates with advanced syllabus and more practical approaches. Kachchh being an ecologically diverse area, Zoology and Botany can serve as a base to develop a task force which can add in more to the knowledge of the area. Moreover, department is equipped with laboratory, Biology Museum, Botanical garden, Research laboratory and allied instruments which enables better outputs.  

Department is headed by Dr. Pranav J. Pandya, who has a vision of multifacial growth of the department and embeded with student and faculty progression. This can overall impact the teaching and learning quality of the institute and the society. Department and faculties herein try to play pivotal role in keeping Botany and Zoology upgraded and with a modern competitive edge. 

RESEARCH:  Research and academics have always been pivotal in shaping the society and enhancing knowledge. To enhance these values department is active in research, consultancy and extension work. Department has completed DST and UGC projects  which shows its cretability to research.  We also involve students in research to make them inclined towards scientific temper. Department has done some collobrative research with faculties of national and international Universities and is always open for future collobrations and institutional strengthing programmes.    In. last five years, Department has completed nearly 3 research projects and 4 consultancy projects and received funding of more than 30 lakh.

To provide practical field experience and to train them in field observation, Botany and Zoology departments are equipped with field gadgets like Camera traps, spotting scope, insect nets, portable meters etc. 

Exclusive Research Laboratory:The specialized laboratory is equipped with exclusive space for faculties and research students to carry out theier research work. It has fine grade equipments and good collection of specimen. The laboratory is equipped with basic emnities like stereo microscope with camera mount, compound microscope,UV spectrophotometer., hot air over, Spotting scope etc.

MoU with other colleges: Department is active and strongly believe in multidisciplinary and interactive learning. In same regard, Department has MoU with Corbett Foundation and different colleges of the area with joint programmes and activities to nurture the youth.

The departmental activities and activeness is greatly reflected from students response and thus the department, in short growth span, has evolved with steeply increasing students inflow in Botany and Zoology subject

Present year college impliment NEP 2020 

A student pursuing 4 years undergraduate programme with research in a specific discipline shall be awarded an appropriate Degree in that discipline on completion of 8th Semester if he/she secures 176 Credits. Similarly, for certificate, diploma and degree, a student needs to fulfill the associated credits

B.Sc. Botany Programme covers academic activities within the classroom sessions along with practical concepts at laboratory sessions. Infield, outstation activities and projects would also be organized for real-life experience and learning. Candidates who have curiosity in plants kingdom, ecosystem, love exploring exotic places and wish to work as researchers or professions like Botanist, Conservationist, Ecologist, Environmentalist etc. can choose B.Sc. Botany course.