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The department of physics was established with the objective making physics learning interesting and applicable. The department started offering Physics as principal subject to cater the needs of students willing to pursue higher education in the physics subjects. Physics department’s faculty members played an important role in development of Physics departments. Individual Project based learning is compulsory at U.G. Level which was introduced from the year 2011 with application of Choice Based Credit System.

The physics department is considered as one of the best departments with a team of experienced and intellectual faculty. The department has always scaled new heights since its inception. One new course B.Sc. Applied Electronics was introduced in the Department in 2008 but did not succeed with lack of students.

The teaching faculty over the years have lighted the torch for a long run and have been very inspirational and resourceful for the new generation. Earlier before 2011-12 five teaching faculties were in the department which is manned by a mix of experience and dedication and under this team the department have spread its wings in every area of Physics. The primary aim of the department is to provide quality education which imbibes a social commitment and value orientation among the students. Through out the years the results are excellent and the saga continues in every area of research also. 

At present, the department has three well equipped research labs. Unfortunately, being a government managed college, the staffs are transferable, and for many years only one permanent faculty and needed visiting lecturer ran the department. But, at present department have five full time faculties, which were dedicated in the subject having waste experience.

The faculty have involved in the academic curriculum designed by the university continuously from the year 2016. As per NEP-2020 by Goverment of India the Education Department of Goverment of Gujarat implanted new academic curriculum in first year B.Sc. from the years 2023-24. Our faculty members use internet and other educational aids for updating their knowledge & teaching skills. Seminars are given by the students on different topics including practical. Projects, Study tours, visit to industry and research institute help our students in their independent learning practices.

Student teacher relations are very friendly due to which we can shape the carrier as per their ability and capability of our students. Our teachers constantly upgrade themselves by attending orientation courses, refreshers courses, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences with presenting papers. Continuous disciplined efforts of the faculty member’s results in providing the responsible and good citizen to society.  

Today Physics departments runs three career oriented courses (coc) from the year 2017.

  • Certificate in Renewable Energy and Energy Harvesting
  • Certificate in Basic Instrumentation Skill
  • Certificate in Electrical Circuits and Network Skills

At present Dr. Anil Gor, Head of the Department is a Research Guide to the aspiring students like to pursue Ph.D. in the Physics subject. Two students have already registered under him in the Ph.D. programme.



  • Teaching is done with Audio and Visual aids by the Faculties.
  • Internet facility is available in Physics departments.
  • Students can also use the internet facility when needed.
  • Choice Based Credit System has been implemented from the Academic Year 2011.
  • Semester system and grade point system has been introduced from the Year 2011.
  • Various competitions to increase the skills of the students are carried out in the college.
  • Saptadhara activities are done at the college level.
  • Sports and Cultural activities are carried out.
  • Science day, Yoga day and various other DAYS are celebrated by the students at the Department.
  • Placement is regularly being done on the Campus.
  • Faculties are motivated to participate in the research activity.
  • Seminar and Assignment are included in the continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) method.
  • Skill development programs such as Career Oriented Programmes (COP) are running by the Department.
  • Feedback is obtained from the students on the curriculum delivery and transaction.
  • Online examinations are conducted for the Internal Exams.
  • CCTV monitoring in class rooms as well as in campus.
  • Central Library and also Physics department have its own Departmental Library.
  • Field work/Study tours and project works are organised, carried out regularly by the Physics department.